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We specialize in building portfolios for new and experienced models.  We take pride in capturing dazzling images for up and coming models.  So if you are looking to update your current portfolio or start a new one, don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Our rates are reasonable and in some cases negotiable.
No Experience is required!

To me attitude is more important than looks.

If you are interested in working with Photos In Motion to satisfy your photographic needs, then contact us now!

Preparing for the Photo Shoot

First, decide with the photographer what type of 'look' you are trying to achieve. Depending on what type of modeling you are going for (commercial, fashion, plus), you will want different setups and different outfits. Ask the photographer if they have clothes for you or if you are expected to bring your own. Most probably both will be the case.

The clothes you bring to a portfolio shoot should include several clean, uncluttered outfits in colors that flatter you. Start with a basic skirt and top, a cute little dress, a pair of jeans and a plain white tee shirt. Jackets are always interesting in a shoot, so bring several short and long ones -- but only if they are in good condition! If you don't already have a bathing suit shot in your portfolio, bring a one or two piece suit. Avoid patterned prints, as they detract from your face and figure. Skirts should be just above your knees, or a little higher if you have great legs. Clothes should be close to the body, but not tight or pulling and no wrinkles. If you want to appear taller and slimmer, wear the same color on both the top and bottom. Avoid shirts that button down or tie across the front ; they often end up pulling and looking unkempt. Look for unfussy, flattering necklines.

Wear nude underwear that won't show and a good bra if you need the support.

The shoes you wear should make your legs look longer. Strappy heels, without ankle straps are always a good choice. Stillettos are great if you are comfortable in them, or if your photographer wants to do "high fashion" shots. Avoid shoes that are clunky or big, as most agents don't like that look. Boots with slim heels, cut just below the knee are usually good on most models for one outfit, but only if your knees are slim. Avoid ankle length boots, they cut the leg in the image.

Minimize jewelry, unless there is one signature piece that just makes the outfit. Remove watches, rings, earrings and necklaces. Your portfolio is used to show YOU off, not the accessories.

Don't just grab some clothes from your closet and run to your shoot. Try on all the outfits well in advance and practice posing in front of your mirror. If you can, have a friend take some digital photos to see how each outfit shoots. Then notice how they move on your body: if anything gaps, if underwear shows, and whether or not you look good in it. We recommend you always use a makeup artist for all portfolio shoots, unless you are experienced at doing your own camera-ready makeup. Most importantly, get plenty of rest the night before and have fun at the shoot, so that your personality shows through! Be creative, think of ideas and setups ahead of time so that you arrive prepared.