Affordable Excellence

Standard Session Fee – $125

This type of session is most ideal for smaller families or for baby/child milestones. Session fee  includes a pre-session phone consultation,  session of up to 1 hour at a location of your choice (within 25 miles of zip code91709, more than 20 miles requires minimal traveling fee).

Premiere Session Fee – $150

This type of session is perfect for larger families or families who want a more customized styled shoot. The premiere session fee includes a pre-session phone consultation, session of up to 2 hours on location of your choice (within 20 miles of zip code 91709, more than 20 miles requires minimal traveling fee).

Session fees cover our creativity and time, with all prints and products ordered separately

Second Note: Some places require photography permit and fees and admission. It is the client’s responsible to pay the permit fees or the admission.

Third Note: I do not give out unedited/RAW files. Please do not ask me.

We are always happy to discuss any ideas or questions you may have prior to your session… Feel free to give us a call!

What to wear:
Simple and comfortable! By staying with the basics for your clothing selections the focus is on you and not what you are wearing. Some clothing recommendations include overalls, jeans, khakis, solid color shirts, and simple dresses. Neutral colors are best. Please stay away from designs, logos & words. In family or group settings, matching is not necessary—coordinate the group as one unit. Avoid mixing patterns and contrasting colors. If your child is going to wear shoes, try to choose shoes that do not have words, designs or lights on them. Whenever possible, bare feet are the best!

Family Photo Shoot

 There are many different ways we can do this session whether you just want capture your entire family or focus on your child/ren. I like to keep it simple and classic while I create a beautiful and meaningful story to tell of who your family is! I love to capture the cheesy smiles I get from your family, the tantrums, the laughter, or even the shyness. Think of yourselves enjoying your time together and I just happen to be there to capture it.

The on-location family and/or children session can be at a park, lake, in the city, or even in your background. This is perfect if your child who has a lot of energy and needs to run, jump, or fly!  

Lifestyle family and/or children shoots are a great way to capture everyday life with your family. This shoot takes place inside your home.  It is very natural and relaxed. My main focus is on getting the real, heartfelt shots of the activities you love to do with your family; whether making pancakes on a Saturday morning, making cookies with your kids, reading stories to your children, your boys having a pillow fight, or even having a tea party with your little princess – I will be there to capture precious emotions and interactions. It’s all about those everyday moments that you wish you could capture, and now you can.